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*** Gold Award of Excellence 2007 ***

Some of the best websites!

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Winners open in a java window on click, the current month on top.

Innovative I Gold I Silver I Bronze

2007, December: No Winner

2007, November: No Winner

2007, October: No Winner

2007, September: Mrs. Henk's READ 180 Dragon Den ak 6

2007, August: No Winner

2007, July: No Winner

Timelines Award Program has upgraded to rating 4.5 Prime Award at AwardSites in July. Winners of the 4.0 rated award can apply for the higher rated award and the new award graphics.

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2007, June: No Winner

2007, May: Poetic Soul ak 7

2007, May: Japanese Temari ak 8

2007, May: Cameradio ak 0

2007, April: No Winner

2007, March: No Winner

2007, February: No Winner

2007, January: No Winner

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Winners 2006

2006, December: No Winner

2006, November: No Winner

2006, October: No Winner

2006, September: Marseille Prospective Lions Club ak y

2006, August: No Winner

2006, July: No Winner

2006, June: No Winner

2006, May: Caronia II Timeline ak z

2006, April: No Winner

2006, March: No Winner

2006, February: No Winner

2006, January: No Winner

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Winners 2005

2005, November: Hugs R Us

2005, October: Pelaqita Persians

2005, October: Chenoa German Shepherds

2005, October: Arcanelife

2005, August: Chenoa German Shepherds

Innovative I Gold I Silver I Bronze

winners 2008 - 2013

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