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Nominator: F. Hornischer, owner and evaluator of Timelines Future Award.

The Tau Zero Foundation is a volunteer group of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and writers who have agreed to work together toward practical interstellar flight and to use this quest to teach you about science, technology, and our place in the universe.

Quote: "Help us create a future worth striving for, where humanity can survive and thrive into the heavens. Let's make this dream a reality together."


xxx The website has a unique design. The chapter "Latest Developments" has a link to the Interstellar News on Centauri Dreams, a discussion forum and blog included and a news archive back to 2004.

The other chapters "What's Out There?", "Getting There", "Human Impact" and "On Edge" are amazing to read and beautifully and fantastic illustrated. The authors show a summary of the current state of science research, spaceflight and space science. It is fascinating to read and see, what is already possible today, and what may be possible in the future.


xxx "Earth is the cradle of humanity, but it is impossible to live forever in the cradle." ~ Tsiolkovski, 1912 (Russian rocketry pioneer & futurist). This is the slogan of "Human Impact".
Quote: Our survival as a species depends on learning how live beyond our -one- and only home, Earth. And it's up to us to make it happen.

Quote: If a lone spacecraft could sustain its crew without re-supply for long interstellar journeys, then why not apply these same techniques to sustain people on Earth? Could this end world hunger? Would this provide the technology for pollution-free life-support? In much the same way that prior advances in communication & transportation brought the world closer and forced us to face the responsibility of using our newfound powers wisely, so too will such future technology further the maturation of our society.

Tau Zero Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. You can donate.


xxx Jenny Maass, evaluator.

The view up to the immense volcano cloud, that darkens our spring in these days, frightens many people and raises the question: Could we ever flee from an earth-disaster? Could we? And where? And how? Scientists can provide the answer about “where” and “how”, but technicians reject ideas from travelling to other planets as “visions”.

This subject give a special relevance to an outstanding website: “Tau Zero Foundation” from Marc Millis. It is a nonprofit charitable Foundation, a Platform for scientist, astronomers, students, advanced engineers, enterpreneurs, writers and other profound thinkers “who have agreed to work together toward practical interstellar flight and to use this quest to teach you about science, technology, and our place in the universe.” All of them has the same goal: how can we escape our planet in the future, even if it really crashes.


Marc Millis, a former NASA physicist and retired since February 2010, founder of “Tau Zero Foundation”, needs a quick recipe, how to prolong his life: he could then experience the realization of his vision of interstellar flight faster than speed of light to earth-like planets in the interest of humanity. In his opinion we have to begin thinking NOW and not only in the future. We have to do step by step to reach this goal. Like the essence of “Tau Zero Foundation”: ad astra incrementis, to the stars in steps, where each is greater than before.

It give us all hope for humanity to live in the future if already not on the earth so in another habitable world.
This website is one of the best places for the Future Award.


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April 19 th, 2010


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Gesendet: Samstag, 24. April 2010 14:59:47
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Thank you, Mr. Hornischer, for your kind words. I will pass this information along to Marc Millis, who is the one who edits the actual Tau Zero Foundation site. We appreciate your interest and thank youfor the award. With best wishes, Paul Gilster _______

Paul A. Gilster | gilster@mindspring.comWriter/Editor, Centauri Dreams | Lead Journalist, Tau Zero Foundation | "You accomplish the great task by a series of small acts." -- Lao Tzu

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