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Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program

Evaluator: F. Hornischer, owner of Timelines World's Best Award.

Description: Our website is designed to provide outstanding communication, enhance our public image, and share our educational successes with the community.

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The website "Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program" shows beautiful colors, a beautiful design, layout, it is easy to navigate with drop down
menues. You see wonderful illustrating images and quotes on several pages. Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program (SADSP) is a non profit organization, located in Ski Apache, New Mexico.

The mission of Ski Apache is: To provide snow-sports instruction for any person with a permanent disability, regardless of severity of impairment or financial limitations.

Read all about the program, the history, and meet the staff and the volunteers. Ski Apache’s Disabled Skiers Program (SADSP) is one of the oldest adaptive ski programs in the country, offering learn-to-ski programs for students of all ages with a variety of disabilities in Alpine, and Snowboarding disciplines.

"Denying barriers and defying gravity since 1976"- the Program’s goal is to teach any person with a disability to ski.

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Congratulations, as this is a forward-looking program, the website "Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program" wins Timelines World´s Best Future Award category 2. World's Best Future Award Category 2 honors sites that show unique excellence in content, presentation, design and coding, sites that deal with future developments, showing a content that will keep its validity for a long time - Timelines' Top Award.

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May 2nd , 2012

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