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xxx Reincarnations - Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creations

Evaluator: F. Hornischer, owner of Timelines Future Award.

Reincarnations was named to reflect the transformational nature of the artistic process. Thought is changed into a physical reality, and the materials used in that process undergo a physical change as well, becoming something new, a manifestation of will. This concept fits perfectly with the artwork shown.


xxx Come and visit the magic art of Michael Vain and his partner Michelle Rose. On his site „Reincarnations“ Michael Vain uses wonderful colors, an easy navigation, and he has created a beautiful design and layout. The site is made with a W3C valid code and css. The main navigation is on the left side, with additional submenus, and a navigation at the bottom of every page.

The interested visitor can read all about the artist and his partner Michelle Rose, the mission of the Reincarnations Studio, and the art.

xxx All items are presented with illustrating pictures. The pieces of hand painted furniture are really avantgarde. Have a look at Mermaid's Treasure bed, the Tropical Reef armoire, the Dreamers Moon bench, painted chair designs, treasure chests, all kind of furniture are extraordinary indeed, you will see nowhere else. Michael Vain and Michelle Rose show painted furniture items with paintings which have a magic flair that could be from one of those magic Harry Potter movies.


xxx I would like also to take my dinner at one of the artists' designed dining tables, and have my computer placed on a colorful desk. All items have also wonderful names like „Dream Castle“, „Tropical Reef“, „Spring Meadow“ and so on. New pieces are always added to every page. Every item shown you can see also in a full view. Quotes of Einstein and other great thinkers complete the presentation.

All items you can see also in a gallery, and there is a link to a news and blog site.

Congratulations, the site „Reincarnations“ wins Timelines Future Award in the Category 3 „Future Art“- a website showing future art that will exist for many years.


xxx The website "Reincarnations - Painted Furniture & Other Artistic Creations" is awarded with Timelines Future Award 2010, rated by

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UWSAG Level 5

WebsAwards Level 5

AWARD Level 5


May 23rd , 2010

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