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Radio Pacis is a community based radio located in Arua, Uganda, East Africa. Founded by the Catholic Diocese of Arua, the radio seeks to bring the “Peace of Christ to all“. As a community based radio, the programming is designed for the integral development of the listeners. The programmes seek to entertain as well as educate and to provide information
in creative ways that are attractive to the listeners.


xxx The website of Radio Pacis is easy to navigate, shows a beautiful layout, including text and illustrating images. The value-based radio provides information, entertainment and a forum for an exchange of
ideas. Radio Pacis news coverage has a strong reputation for its full news coverage from the villages, the nation and the world. The news bulletins are offered throughout the day and night in English and several vernacular languages.

A network of volunteers provide information from the radio´s listening area.

Radio Pacis is part of CAMEO - the Catholic Media Office in Kampala.

In February 2007, the judges selected Radio Pacis as the best new radio station in the East Africa region. As such, the station was a finalist for best new radio station in all of Africa. In May 2007, the director, station manager, programme manager, assistant programme manager, and assistant news editor traveled to Nairobi for the BBC awards ceremony where Radio Pacis was named the best new radio station in all of Africa. It was
a huge achievement for the station and the community it serves.


xxx You can read all about the history and development of the radio station, and its achievements during the years, so Radio Pacis won a national award for creativity in children’s broadcasting. Some programs can be chosen to listen online. Beautiful photo galleries illustrate daily life an events of Radio Pacis.

Congratulations, Radio Pacis wins Timelines World´s Best Future Award category 2. World's Best Award honors sites that show unique excellence in content, presentation, design and coding, sites that deal with future developments, showing a content that will keep its validity for a long time - Timelines' Top Award.

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November 30th , 2011

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