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(c) Mark Hellweg

xxx Ocupado.de Astrofotografie

Evaluator: F. Hornischer, owner of Timelines World's Best Award.

The possibilities of amateur astronomy have grown because of digitization in an unbelievable way. On his website „ocupado“ Mark Hellweg shows astronomy images he has made during the last years, and the equipment he uses.


xxx Already during his childhood Mark Hellweg became enthusiastic for astronomy.

Visitors can change the skins of the website. Navigation is clear and easy, layout and design are beautiful. You can go to astrophotos, equipment, download, contact, guest book, links & votes, you can surf the gallery and see Mark´s beautiful pictures of the solar system, deep sky, chemical, earth, his best, and eclipse.

There are links for more information lefthand or behind the pictures above. and you can also use the >> button on the right to surf through all pages.

Go to submenus, image informations, zoom ins, see phantastic structures in space, colors and sculptures, spiral nebulae and galaxies, or see wonderful pictures and motifs on our own planet earth.

In the guestbook of the site you can read visitors´ comments from all around the world- e.g. Chicago, Phillipines, Florida, Denmark, Australia etc. like „remarkable work“, „stunning work“, „your photos are super“, „because of your pictures, it is evident that universe is such an astonishing and amazing place.“


xxx Congratulations, "Ocupado.de Astrofotografie" wins Timelines World´s Best Future Award category 2. World's Best Award honors sites that show unique excellence in content, presentation, design and coding, sites that deal with future developments, showing a content that will keep its validity for a long time - Timelines' Top Award.

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February 26th , 2012

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