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(c) George McCartney

McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy

This site contains genealogical research for one branch of the McCartney tree. It includes stories and family legends for that particular group. It also has a section where other McCartney researchers can post the data for their branches. Finally, there are articles of an historical nature; about the Celts, Cordwainers (shoe makers), Renaissance guilds and other topics of interest to family historians.


Evaluator's sitereview:

The visitor of George McCartney's Journey can read all about the ancestors of George Mc Cartney, we learn about the family diagram, and the „Ahnentafel“, a German word what means „ancestor chart“. The author is an expert of geneology, and in his article about the Celts he looks back through many centuries of historical development in Europe as far as 800 BC. He knows detailed historical facts, you learn about the origin of the Mc Cartney name, and learn prominent members of the family.
Visit this site- pages are excellent and beautifully designed, including accesskey navigation- making pages accessible without using a mouse, and a W3C valid HTML code and CSS. It is magic.

Congratulations, McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy wins Timelines Gold Award of Excellence, Timelines' Top Award.

2010, February 15th.

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