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(c) Debbie Miller

Kevilyn's Komondorok

Information on the rare and beautiful Komondor.

Evaluator's comment:

Webmistress Debbie is a professional dogtrainer, and an expert of breeding. The pages of her website are very informative, easy to navigate with a main navigation to the chapters: Home, Site Information, Our Dogs, Bred By, The Road, Current Events, Nursery, In Memory, Training , Food for Thought, Second Chance, Animal Rights, Site Awards, Contact/Favorites. There is an additional navigation at the bottom of every page. All pages have valid CSS. We meet Debbie with her dogs, viewing many excellent pictures of show days all over the States. We learn that komondors like children and how they get along with other pets, and we meet komondors as beloved family members. Debbie has earned many awards with her komondors, and the show goes on in 2010. You learn all about the training of komondors, and what makes a responsible breeder and buyer.

Congratulations, the evaluator team of Timelines Award Program is proud to award your site with Timelines Bronze Award.

Bronze Award 2010, January 24th.

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