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(c) Moh Ata

Future Human Evolution

Nominater: Sam.

This site is intended primariliy for the layperson, and is both factual and speculative in nature and it uses the interdisciplinary relationship of several main sciences to explore human advancement.

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The site „Future Human Evolution“ is easy to navigate. With the main navigation you can go to the main chapters of the site. You can read all about Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, Nanotechnology, Space Colonization, Time Travel, go to the Future Portal, read about Visualizing the Future, about Transhumanism, Human Nature, Human Origins and Evolution, Poltitical Philosophy, Comics and Risks to Humanity.

Every chapter starts with an introduction in a portal. The portal is divided into several subdivisions where you get very interesting detailed and illustrated information about every subject. There you can read all about the current state of developments- of all kinds of evolution of humans and their technology.

Every matter is explained for the layperson, Artificial Intelligence for example: "implies that machines will be able to mimic that human behavior of learning through experience; such as learning that a recipe needs more salt." The authors show pro and contra aspects in evey scientific discipline, so that one can get her/his own personal view. There are external links to even more detailed information.

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You can find a historical review of every kind of scientific development, up to the current state. As these pages are about future predictions, you can read about the controversial theories of possible developments.
It is fascinating to read the controversial and complexe discussions about Genetic Engineering, all the ethical and moral debates. This part is also divided into several key areas.
In the chapter about "Space Colonization" the authors state in "Why Space?": "We must expand beyond one environment to decrease the likelihood that a single catastrophe will cause our extinction." Perhaps finding extraterrestrial life, we will get an answer to the question: "why we are here?". The mathematician Sir Francis Drake postulated even a formula to surmise the probability of contacting extra-terrestrial life.
An interested visitor can spend hours on every theme, bookmark this site and visit again and again.
Also the chapter about "Time" is incredible decribed in detail- from day and night to cosmology and time travel.

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In the chapter "Visual" the authors aks: "How do we see the future? What does the future look like to someone who's blind? How will the world look to a blind person fitted with artificially-intelligent eyes?" Quote: "Nearly every photo, graphic, drawing, blueprint and technical rendering is now digitized. Once digitized, it is then backed up, maybe more than once...Our system for preservation isn't perfect. In 2005, a hurricane like Katrina demonstrated how everything can be wiped out in a matter of hours. The city of New Orleans was never backed up. There is no replica."
"In the new millennium, storytelling is big business...New technologies like DVD, the Internet, supercomputers, satellite/wireless and nanotechnology allow for the transmission and storage of huge amounts of visual/audio data across a global network...We can see the universe expanding. We can see a cell forming. We can look out across millions of light-years and watch matter crash into anti-matter. We can see war, poverty, disease and crime."
The website "Future Human Evolution" is a great, extraordinary and extensive vision of the future.

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The website "Future Human Evolution" is my favorit site with this scientific and future theme. I can never stop to read, because all the articles are extremely interesting and stylistically impeccable. The authors strive not to write in the conventional scientific jargon but true to life and generally intelligible. An excellent navigation leads all pages and topics. I like in particular: there are no allegations, but always left all options open. Webmaster of this extraordinary website is not a wise old man but a young man in the twenties. Encountering such people gives us hope at least for the further future, that the responsibility for the life on this planet Earth become increasingly aware.

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German - Deutsch - Peter

Diese Webseite beschäftigt sich mit auf wissenschaftlicher Ebene mit der Erforschung des  menschlichen Fortschrittes unter der Verwendung von auf sich beruhenden Tatsachen und spekulativer Art in der Natur sowie das interdisziplinäre Verhältnis zu einigen Hauptwissenschaften.
Sie besteht aus mehreren Artikeln mit eigenen Portalen. Über eine gekonnte Gliederung der einzelnen Portale finden sich sehr detailiert interessante Informationen in einer illustrierten Darstellungsweise. Der Webmaster versteht es auch hervorragend, diese Wissenschaften dem Laien in verständlicher Art und Weise nahe zu bringen.
Die Webseite in sich ist sehr leicht über eine Hauptnavigation in die einzelnen Bereiche zu navigieren, was dem Besucher es leicht macht, den Gedankengängen des Webmaster zu folgen.
Insgesamt gesehen ist die Webseite „Future Human Evaluation“ eine der außergewöhnlichsten und umfangreichsten Vision der nahen Zukunft.
Aus diesem Grunde halte ich es für sehr wünschenswert, dieser Seite den "Timelines Future Award" zu verleihen.

Congratulations, "Future Human Evolution" wins Timelines Future Award.
2009, July 26th.

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