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(c) Herb Sellin

xxxThe Art Of Herb Sellin

A Retrospective Exhibition of more than 600 Works of Art painted by Herb Sellin over a period of more than 35 years.

Evaluator's comment:

Dear Herb Sellin,

thank you for your interest in Timelines Awards and inviting me to visit your site. Your site meets the newest webstandards. You show wonderful paintings on your pages. The setup of your site is future minded, also the excellent presentation of your art.

To express it in a few words- your website is extensively beautiful.
Congratulations, your site „The Art Of Herb Sellin“ wins Timelines Future Award. Future Award honors websites, that offer either innovative content or art, or show innovative presentation and design and an excellent coding. - Timelines' Top Award.

Future Award 2009 April 8th


I have been criticized because of a too short laudation.

Herb Sellin has already applied for my award, it was one of my first applications I have got, it was 5 years ago. This was a re- application. I have honored his site already, please read my first laudation, I corrected only all the exclamation marks I have set in those days, and the capitalization of You, used to do so with German grammar rules:


xxx Dear Herb Sellin,
thank you for your interest in my award program. It was a pleasure to visit your site. Your Vault Project is very interesting. You give excellent site information to your visitors. Your navigation is very good with very good menus and submenus.

Your biography is very interesting. The beautiful pictures of your galleries are very good arranged in indices. Your Lithographs are wonderful. The Diefenbaker Gallery shows very interesting pictures. Your Millennium Project with Zoo Moo, the royal queen of the cows is beautiful and a wonderful idea. My special interest found the unified field theory from 1986. You give fascinating information about the project and show wonderful zoo moo pictures. Also the pictures of Sharen Bentley are in beautiful colours.

Your site meets all criteria - 20 points, presentation - 20 points, design - 20 points, overall excellence - 20 points: 80 points - congratulation, You have won my Award of Excellence. It is rated by AwardSites! 2.5. Congratulations, go on with your excellent work.

Have good times,

Awarded on September 17, 2004

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