Winners of Timelines Bronze Award



(c) Bakkach F.

Bakkach F.

Bakkach F. is an autdidact painting artist who makes oilpaintings on canvas, acrylics on canvas and watercolors.

Evaluator's comment:

Dear Bakkach F.,
thank you for your interest in Timelines Award Program and inviting me to visit your site. I enjoyed surfing through your website, where you present your beautiful art. I like your pictures at the ARTMAJEUR Online Art Gallery. You have a beautiful style of painting. The colors and forms are impressing. The COLLECTION PRIVEE, PEINTURES A L'HUILE SUR TOILE, OISEAUX, ACRYLIC and AQUARELLES galleries show wonderful pieces of art.
Congratulations, your site „Bakkach F.“ has won Timelines Bronze Award.

Bronze Award 2009 April 20.


Good evening,
Before all thank you very much for the compliments about my artworks.
Compliments like that give me a lot of courage to continue.
Also thank You for sending me the bronze award and the certificate.
I'm very glad with them.
The award is already on my site (go to biography and than in awards), also in my links page I put a links to your website.

Best regards.

Bakkach F.

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