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Article and Review Writer

A new site for writers, reviewers and consumers that looks better than similar sites and is easier to use.

Evaluator's comment:

You can read all kind of articles on the website "Article and Review Writer", and you can buy articles and reviews in different ways. The site is built with a template made by weebly.

You can navigate through articles about Animals, Arts, Beauty, Creative Writing, Computers & Technology, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Drink, Gadgets & Phones, Health & Healthy Living, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, People & Culture, Personal Items, Travel, Web, Writing, Miscellaneous, Product Comparisons, Reviews, Music Player, you can learn writers of the website, read Writer's Guidelines, Terms & Conditions of the website and the Privacy Policy.

Not on all parts and themes of the website which are announced there are already any writers, so some pages are empty. There are six writers contributing articles at this time.

Congratulations, your site "Article and Review Writer" wins Timelines bronze award. Bronze Award of Excellence winners are sites that are very good in some areas, but others still have to be improved.

Bronze Award 2012, May 19th.

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