Winners of Timelines Bronze Award


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(c) Yossi Faybish


Aquillrelle is a site dedicated to every poet amongst us – encouraging the type of poetry which is a mix of talent, beauty and expression power. We do it by organizing poetry contests open to all, and biased by nothing but down to earth creativity. Of course, contests results are influenced by our personal taste as well, which is unavoidable in any artistic contest. Artistic, since poetry is an art, the most limited in its tools, the most within reach to everybody, the most demanding. There are many poets out there – we will reward the artists amongst you.

Evaluator's comment:

Aquillrelle is an exellent place for upcoming poets to present and publish their art. The website is a chance for young and unknown poets to show their talent, to be published and to get recognition from a larger audience.
The layout, design and navigation of the site is excellent, meeting HTML W3C standards and accessibility standards.

Congratulations, your site Aquillrelle wins Timelines bronze award.

Bronze Award 2011, January 14th.

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