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(c) Trinity Prescott

American Renaissance National Pageant

The ARNP is a nationally known, platform-based pageant that rewards women who are active in their communities, families, and careers. Platforms may be a nationally recognized organization that you are involved with or anything that you are devoted to or have a passion for: such as family, career, education, personal improvement and development and your future goals. 
The 2010 National American Renaissance Pageant will be held at the Excalibur in Las Vegas, NV June 24th - June 26th.


Evaluator's sitereview:

The site is excellent designed, with beautiful colors and images. On the entrance page there you see the new 2009 queens dressed with beautiful costumes and crowns. There is a main menu on the top of every page, you can navigate to the pageant overview, including a detailed drop down menu. Next you meet the current queens of 2009. There are eight different pageant divisions, and eight titles a lady can cpompete for. Every queen is presented on her own page with beautiful professional images (of beautiful ladies), telling us something about her. On the page "highlights" you find a beautiful slideshow with pictures of this great event. On the Queens Court you meet past queens, and also candidates for the pageant of 2010. It is also possible to become a pageant "Lifetime Queen". You learn all the details of the pageant, about the name, the venue, the prizes, the sponsors, press releases and much more.

Congratulations, American Renaissance National Pageant wins Timelines Gold Award of Excellence, Timelines' Top Award.

2009, August 23rd.


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