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xxx The Extended Craxford Family Genealogy Magazine

Evaluator: Jenny

xxx This genealogy page is more. The interested visitor can read through the centuries of England, and all stories with incredible directness reflect the former life. An enormous amount of work has been invested, which is not to go beyound. The webmaster has apparently several lives, because in just one generation all this great work is hardly to manage. The "tree" of the ancestors have grown now wide like several football fields and high into the sky. Alan Craxford found the ideal solution to present thousands of names and dates very clearly: he calls his genealogy simply "magazine" and the various family branches he divides into different colors. Red, blue, olive, purple, bluegreen, brown, orange ... and he does not stop there. Meanwhile Alan came ride in so that he has added a specific sector, this time in "tartan". That color is dedicatet to his classmates who have studied at the Medical Faculty of the University of St. Andrews and Dundee and graduated in 1969 like he did himself.

It is an incredible adventure and pleasure to browse all the pages, and it still will be in a hundred years an experience for the Craxford descendants.


Congratulations, the site „The Extended Craxford Family Genealogy Magazine“ wins Timelines Future Award in the Category 2 „Future Content" - a website showing a content that will keep its validity for a long time.

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June 29th , 2010

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