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The Extended Craxford Family Genealogy Magazine

Our family traces its history back to Northamptonshire (UK) in 1619. We have a fully searchable database of 8000 people and a magazine of over 160 articles and photographs.

Evaluator's comment:

Most of the pages of this beautiful and interesting site are valid XHTML 1.0, long pages have up to top links. The Craxford family can trace its ancestry back to 1620 in the village of Gretton, Northamptonshire. Over time the branches have spread outwards from these rural East Midlands origins to Australia and South Africa and recently over the Atlantic to the United States and Canada.
The magazine now has six parts (each colour supplement featuring a different family line) managed by over a dozen associate editors. You can find articles, editorials and letters, photographs and birth, marriage and death certificates and census studies. The pages are easy to navigate, with a "What's New?" link to the latest articles and recently added people.
All parts you can navigate with four sections, each of them with drop down sub menus: „ Find, Media, Info and Magazine“.

Congratulations, your site wins Timelines Gold Award of Excellence. 2009, July 2nd. Confirmed on 2009, August 8 th.

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