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xxx World Paper Currency Gallery

World Paper Currency Gallery of Arwind Agarwal contains historical and modern paper currency of more than 300 countries, including more than 100 countries which do not exist any longer. You can navigate the exhibition and see an overview, special exhibits, go to the country index, and to the resources center, written in English and in German languages.


xxx You will see at least one banknote example from most banknote- producing countries. You can navigate the banknotes also shown in galleries by continents.
Special Exhibits are the USA special, the United Kingdom special, and the India special exhibits, all divided in several categories. Of all banknotes the front image and the back image are scanned in. A bigger image opens in a new window. The India exhibit shows the history of the country- you see banknotes of British India, French India, Portuguese India, Princely India, Burma, Gulf, and many more, up to modern India currency.
The country index provides two links to the World Bank, and to the countrie's National Bank. The former currencies of the members of the European Union are displayed for historical purposes.
In the chapter „Did you know?“ you can read about unique currencies of the world.


The owner and webmaster was born in India and later became a citizen of United States. He has experience in Information Technology profession for more than 30 years.

The site is excellent to navigate and meets the basic accessibility standards. It is listed as Learning Fountain and Key Resource at AwardSites!, and has become „Content Site of the Year“ in 2008, awarded by Tony's Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards, rated as World's Top Award.



xxx This site is suitable for all ages, it contains over 3000 front and back images of paper currency of over 300 countries of the world including some countries which do not exist any more. I consider this site to be very informative and educational as well.


German- Deutsch Peter

xxx Arvind Agarwal verdient mit seinem Projekt „Aka World Banknotes“ hohen Respekt. In 15 Jahren seiner Bemühungen um die Sammlung des Papiergeldes aus aller Welt, hat er beachtliches geleistet und zusammen gestellt.
In einer übersichtlichen, chronologisch gestalteten Webseite stellt er seine gesamte Sammlung vor und bereichert diese mit einer Vielzahl an Informationen, welche sich nicht gerade im Überfluss finden lassen. Beachtlich ist ebenso der Informationsreichtum von dem längst aus dem Zahlungsverkehr genommenem Papiergeld.
Für die Zukunft betrachtet, stellt sein Projekt aus der Vergangenheit heraus überleitend zur Gegenwart eine immense Arbeit und Mühen dar.  
Darum bin ich der Meinung, dass an Arvind Agarwal der „Timelines Future Award“ für diese exzellente Bereicherung das WWW verliehen werden kann.


Congratulations, „World Paper Currency Gallery“ wins Timelines Future Award.
2009, June 25th.

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